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As an independent freelancer, I like to take on projects from start to finish. I’m a one-stop shop for your whole video, and I think that makes the final product pretty authentic. My process for creating Explainer Videos can be broken down into the few simple yet necessary steps below. If you have an animation project in mind other than an Explainer, fret not! All my animations go through the same fun process, more or less. Oh! And I’m from the 2D cool school, but I do dabble in 2.5D! 


If you already have a script, great! If not, we can have a nice little skype chat about your company and I’ll take over from there. This is the part where we determine the length and overall tone of the video. Once the script is skimmed, perfected and approved, it’s on to the visuals!



This step is super fun! I create 3 style options based on a single shot from the storyboard, like our character sitting at his desk, for example. The styleframe you choose will determine the entire look of the animation: character design, decor vibes, colors, brushes, all the good stuff!



Before heading to animation, I update the storyboard with the illustrations you just approved. This gives you a better idea of the final product. If anything needs to change, now is the best time to do it!



After a few rounds of animatics, I can finally rig up those limbs and smooth out those keyframes and deliver you with a video full of life and facial expression bananza. But you’re still just listening to my boring canadian accent…



Once all the ingredients are perfectly mixed and approved, I hit render and deliver you with a final HQ video file, in your preferred settings. You can now show the world what you’re all about! And I can go nap in my hammock.



This is where I imagine our written script as a visual story. Using basic illustrated elements (either hand-drawn or graphic), settings, characters and actions will be assigned to each section of the script. This step ensures that we’re all on the same track! 



It’s time to start building our library of characters, objects and backgrounds. This is the part where you let me know you’re not actually a fan of man-buns, or that your mom really loves croissants, so could I please replace the current bagel illustration and make her happy? If its in the animation’s best interest, you bet!



Animatics is kind of a storyboard in action, and in an mp4 file: you get to see the timing, composition and transitions of all the scenes, accompanied by my beautiful (did I say beautiful? I meant the opposite) temporary voice-over. All that’s missing is character animation, sound design and a proper VO!



Once you’ve chosen the perfect voice-over artist from my personally curated library of professionals, it’s time for me to put on those headphones and work that sound mix. The next video file you’ll receive will be the first combination of visuals, pro voice-over, sound effects and music. Yay!


2D animation is a dynamic and fun way to present an idea. And it humanizes it as well, making it easier to connect with your audience. And yes, it’s time consuming. Any animation can take several weeks to complete, but it all depends on the script, my availability and our communication.

Ready to take the next step?



If you have a project you think I’d be a good fit for, I’d love to hear from you. Keep in mind, the more information you can give me about your project, the quicker I can provide you with a quote!